Nubian Goats Tauranga New Zealand

Aquiline Anglo Nubian Goats

How it all Started

We have long dreamed of living with goats. Sadly our first attempts were not very successful, as we purchased an alpine, whose favourite pastime was escaping. It made for an interesting life, with us modifying escape routes, while Delila found new ones. Eventually we had to rehome her before she met with a fast travelling vehicle during one of her escapades. My lovely animal mad daughter years later came home with two kids, a nubian (Max) and a nubian x alpine (Lockie). We were thrilled to find that Max made no attempts to escape unlike his cross bred brother. Sadly Lockie died of a ruptured urethra and we had to find Max a new friend. Enter Greendale Ruby.

We were fortunate enough to purchase an in kid goatling, (yes they really are goatlings and bucklings) Greendale Ruby, from Margaret and Bob Greenoff. Ruby has been a tricky wee girl, she delivered triplet bucks, two of whom are working and siring beautiful progeny. The following year she decided she did not like travelling to meet her man, so we made the decision to purchase a buck Greendale Zanta. This season Ruby delivered a single doe kid Aquiline Gretel. Now total goat lovers we have a herd of 6, all herd registered.

Our Goat Goals

We hope to enjoy our new wee herd, but realize we will have kids each season, in order for our girls to make milk, for us to make our cheese with. These kids will be available to approved homes. We may even have surplus goats milk from time to time. I breed Devon Rex Cats and this season I was able to supplement the kittens with lovely, spray free, medication free, healthy goats milk.
Our new buck is apparently a potential show stopper, his breeders would dearly love us to show him, just how we can fit that into our already busy lives, I am not quite sure!